Our Story

In 1977, our founder, Jerry Tenenberg, entered the natural food retail business with a passion for organic food. This passion took him from an East Coast food co-op to an organic farming community in Southern California, where he saw an emerging opportunity for high-quality organic ingredients in grocery stores around the country.

Jerry took his passion to the next level when began to seek out the finest quality organic ingredients from farmers all over the world. He sold his high-end organic products through other companies until the early 2000s, when he started selling under the Aromatica brand. Aromatica’s brand grew, and for the past 10 years has profitably sold premium, organic products in West Coast grocery stores and online.

Jerry’s passion for and dedication to organics spread to his successors who, in 2014, united into a team devoted to Jerry’s mission. They combine their passion for food, agriculture and health to bring you products that help enhance your well-being and your daily life.

Our Products – Always Organic

We are committed to bringing you only organic ingredients. Our organic process starts right from the beginning – we grow our ingredients in pure soil that has not been exposed to pesticides or fertilizers, and use responsible soil and water management. Healthy soil makes for healthier plants, which makes for better food quality, which ultimately leads to a better quality of life for both our product farmers and product consumers.

Your Partner In Organics

Our professionals know the in’s and out’s of the food and organic product industries, and specialize in sourcing, food safety, quality control, research, development and marketing. Combined with our sister company, High Quality Organics, we have three decades of experience in sourcing organic ingredients. With our expertise in new product launches, merchandising challenges, consumer education, organic private label initiatives and more, we can bring your organic vision to life.